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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Problem with America

280,000 viewers tuned in for President Obama's National Health Care Forum this week, to learn more about the struggles we face in trying to create a universal healthcare system to cover each and every American.

4.2 million viewers tuned in for the season premiere of Project Runway to see who will be in or who will be Auf't.

For the record, I watched both. (I liked Carol Hannah's dress best, in case you were wondering.) But I can't help but think it's so important for all Americans to listen to what the President has to say about what is already a seriously flawed healthcare situation, regardless of where you stand on the reform issue. I am personally of the opinion that some change has to happen– our insurance costs us almost six hundred dollars a month, plus we have a $25 copay, and our expenses just for having natural childbirth in a hospital still cost $8000. (And that was Roo, who didn't have any health issues! Jasper's birth was even more expensive since he developed breathing issues and was kept in the NICU for an extra week.) We need a way to make sure every American can afford to go to the doctor before it becomes an issue and doesn't avoid seeking treatment because of prohibitive costs. Reduce emergency visits and promote preventative care. It just seems like common sense. I'm not sure how to effect that change with the least impact on our taxes but I want to hear from anyone who has ideas about it before I yell "NO!!!" and run screaming.


  1. I sure hope Mr. Man doesn't visit your blog. Apparently, he has the whole thing figured out and would LOVE to enlighten everyone.

    I agree on one thing you say. It's pathetic that "real life TV" can out rival real life.
    Whatever happens, it is in part because of our involvement or lack of involvement.

  2. What annoys me is the same people who choose not to participate in these things will be the first to pitch a fit when it's not what they wanted... Agree or disagree with the outcome, at least those involved can say they did what they could to impact it.


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