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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happeez Together

We have a way nicer refrigerator than we probably should because it was a floor model. It's a super energy efficient beauty with plenty of storage and a wooden panel that perfectly matches our kitchen cabinetry. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it is not magnetic. So what? you might be thinking. Why would you want to stick crap all over your beautiful refrigerator, anyway? Umm, two reasons: Roo and Jasper. It sucks to have a refrigerator that magnets won't work on when you have kids. All that artwork needs to be displayed! Prominently! Smack dab on your beautiful refrigerator, for all the world to enjoy. So our fridge is littered not only with pint-size masterpieces, but also an avalanche of scotch tape.

Mayfair Lane cares about this crisis. They have an entire line of products, Happeez, that stick to any smooth surface (varnished wood, glass, stainless, plastic, vinyl, granite, etc.) without leaving a residue or mark. Happeez clippers might just be my new best friend! Available in singles, three-packs or trios of coordinated designs, they allow you to clip notes, photos, drawings, etc. anywhere you might need them.

Isn't this Happeez Clipper Trio a cute way to organize to-do lists?

I have assembled a bunch of Happeez clippers on the fridge, ready for Roo's kindergarten debut:

If you like to make lists, keep Happeez List Pads anywhere you might jot something down. This one is next to the stove, so I can keep track of grocery needs as we use things up. Note the printed recipe posted with a Happeez Clipper for easy reference, too.

Mayfair Lane also offers a variety of photo frames and white boards in their signature prints. I am hoping they will come out with hooks so I can stop hanging my potholders and dish towels from my cabinet pulls…

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