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Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's GX or It's Junk!

Jasper likes toy cars, so I said okay when we were offered the chance to review the new line from Jakks Pacific the makers of the very popular Road Champs. I figured they would amuse him no matter what, but GX Racers are actually the perfect fusion of toy and technology. That might sound a little over-the-top since they seem just like other die-cast cars, but look a little closer and you'll notice the big wheel smack dab in the middle. That, my friends, is a gyroscope - a perfect introduction to scientific concepts for little kids who like to know how things work. Or just a very cool way to make toy cars go really fast (600 mph at scale!) and do crazy tricks.

The GX Racers Gyros can be used in two different positions depending on what style of track you are using. Each GX Gyro is engineered for a special function, with stats and ratings for speed and stunt ability. You can switch them out to create your own personal GX Racers, modified for trick jumping or traction for off-road adventures.

We received the Super Jump Playset and the Acrobat Stunt Jumper. The playset comes with over 7 feet of track while the single car comes with a simple ramp and some stackable trash cans to knock down. I knew Jasper would love these but I was totally shocked when Roo wanted to help build the ramp and mount it to different inclines (using the built-in c-clamp) to get different results. She's never been particularly interested in his toy cars before but they played together for hours, even getting daddy to join in and give his seasoned advice from years of toy car knowledge…

GX Racers are recommended for ages 5 and up and even though Jasper likes racing them down the track, he can't manipulate the rip cord like his big sister does. Or sit through mommy trying to explain how the rip cord sets the GX Gyro in motion. Roo was very tolerant. And serious about racing them!

Jasper is still a bit young to put the track together himself but I was impressed with how it stood up to his abuse. Two year olds are pretty rough on toys but the GX Racers stayed intact, despite being hurled across the room over and over. Even the track stayed together until he actually took it apart.

Overall, Jasper just likes to make 'em GO, GO, GO!

Thanks to Jaxx Pacific for letting us take GX Racers out for a spin!

Here's the tv commercial for GX Racers, since my crummy photos don't do them justice (I should have tried to shoot a video instead of stills- these things are FAST):

Roo keeps seeing this one between her cartoons and has already put the GX Skate on her list for Santa. (Note that the gyros can't be shared between GX Skate and GX Racers chassis.) She's usually pretty uninterested in what she deems "boy toys" so apparently these are girl-approved:

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