superdumb supervillain: Roo Must Swiff-It

Friday, September 11, 2009

Roo Must Swiff-It

We got a newfangled Swiffer WetJet (for review, courtesy of the Swiffer-sponsored SocialLuxe Lounge!) and it blows away the old one we have. Two sprayer nozzles and a scrubby strip to get dried-on gunk off without breaking stride… nice! Apparently it makes you sing and dance, too. But only if you're a poor child consigned to hard labor, like Cinderella. Or Roo.

The Swiffer WetJet is lightweight and fairly ergonomic. Yes, I am pretty sure they somehow got the idea from maxi pads (ick!) and I am not entirely thrilled about throwing away pads but the Swiffer WetJet is certainly a much more convenient method of floor cleaning than wringing out a traditional mop. I wish that Swiffer would take a cue from other companies and make a reusable microfiber pad and more naturally-derived cleansers. The cleaning solution works but it has a very strong residual odor and I would prefer something unscented or with essential oils as fragrance.


  1. I agree with your last paragraph. They really need to be more eco-friendly, especially because it wouldn't take that much more effort to make a reusable pad. They'd get more buyers, I'd think.

  2. Anything that gets the kids interested in helping with chores is awesome!!


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