superdumb supervillain: Wordless Wednesday- After the Rain

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- After the Rain

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  1. That last picture is AWESOME!

    I love how serious Roo looks in the first picture. Ready to survey the situation and come up with a solution. Or maybe plotting an evil attack on Mommy to throw her in the water...

  2. OK, first off, totally jealous of that RAIN!!
    Love Roo's attitude in that first pic! Too funny!
    And lastly... LOL!! You would put a picture of Jasper's snot face, wouldn't you? Was that post-sneeze? Wow that is THICK!

  3. Oh god, what happened there in Kansas?

    I guess boogies fell from the sky...

    Would you believe my word verification is "biches" tonight?

  4. surprise snotting! Ack!

    I love that huge puddle...what a great reason to get out the boots!

  5. Wow! Is your yard flooded? How long did it take for it to drain?

  6. LOL Jasper's got a little ... something on his face ;)

    Holy cats! That's a lot of rain.

    Roo is totally rocking her rainboots with that skirt.


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