superdumb supervillain: Wordless Wednesday- Tractored Out & Squeaky Clean

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Tractored Out & Squeaky Clean

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  1. Oh she must have been beat! LOL Such cute pictures, as usual :)

  2. How cute! He's got the cutest dang eyes! Little Miss Roo must have a very busy schedule now, as must mom.

  3. happy WW!

    so cute, she's really sleeping there. Must be tiring to play all day huh!

    adorable kids =)

  4. Kids are the cutest thing and the will fall asleep wherever...

  5. Oh, I totally see you in Roo in that first photo (maybe because I was your BlogHer roomie...ha!).

    But in the tub, she looks so much like Bob.

    I love Jasper on that horse. We had one nearly like it growing up, called Chance, that we really beat the hell out of. Poor horse was cracked down the middle.

  6. Now that is awesome!!
    How does a tractor look so comfy!?!?


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