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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Naked Nure by Royal Ranch

Naked Nure is full of poop. Well, actually it IS poop. Llama poop, to be exact, made into 100% all-natural "teabags" to brew up nutrient-rich compost tea for your garden or indoor plants. There are two varieties available for purchase, both in handmade reuseable cloth bags that are great for gift-giving. The indoor bags are smaller and contain six teabags made of a compostable paper. They will brew about 12-15 gallons of compost tea for your plants.

The outdoor bags are made of heavy-duty burlap with a sturdy denim handle and a zipper closure. This one will make more than 20-25 gallons of tea for your garden. See how "clean" the llama poop looks? It is very low-odor as manure goes.

First you steep the bags in water:

We did a couple of the indoor tea bags in a barrel (above) and the outdoor bag in the trailer bucket (below).

After a couple of days, the tea is rich and dark:

(The floating pellets in the barrel are because we ripped one of the tea bags.)

Bob was really into the reflective quality the Naked Nure developed while it was brewing. I won't tell you how many self portraits he took in it. Dork.

The garden seemed to enjoy Naked Nure! Can't beat a non-chemical fertilizer. Especially one that comes from such adorable creatures.

Naked Nure is made by the fine folks who operate the Royal Ranch and Royal Roost B&B in Bailey, Colorado. Tom and Judy Jeute are the proprietors. Aside from producing Naked Nure, their llamas are also trained rescue animals and lead wilderness hiking expedition with Royal Llama Adventures. The first photo shown is the very handsome Marcel the llama participating in a royal llama wedding! And the one below is Judy with Marcel and Jasper the llamas. (Someday I hope my Jasper will be able to meet his llama counterpart…)

Now is the time to stock up on Naked Nure! Everything is 50% off. Indoor Naked Nure is only $6 and Outdoor Naked Nure is just $11. These would make a surprisingly attractive and unusual gift for your favorite gardener this holiday season!

Disclosure: We received two bags of Naked Nure to sample in order to write this review. I left it to my husband (the green thumb in the family) and it seriously took all summer to coax these pictures out of him. Sorry, Judy! He really likes the product and actually wants to check out the Royal Ranch sometime for a family trip. No joke! And I've always secretly wanted a llama. I think we're zoned for one…


  1. An unique gift for sure....but very clever.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. LOL!! I LOVE that Bob took so many pics of himself in the reflections! "Dork"... LOL! You're so funny!

  3. Calling it tea really had me confused for a second. I don't know how to garden. Excellent idea though.

  4. Your garden looks wonderful, and I love Bob's self portrait.

  5. You husband's right about hat reflective quality. This sounds really interesting. DH just pulled up the last remnants of the garden. I hope you'll remind us about this next spring!


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