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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Waxing Nostalgic

I was googling myself today just to see what would come up and, not surprisingly, there are a bunch of Naomi Shapiros on the interwebz. They seem to be politically lefty, donating heavily to left-wing causes from the looks of it. There's an fictional eccentric elderly cat lady Naomi Shapiro and a globe-trotting travel writer Naomi Shapiro, who also owns the eponymous domain name. There's also a ton of my old pre-web writing that has been transferred into the digital realm. For example, a live show review from the Austin Chronicle in '94 and a gossip column mention from '96 and an archive of my record reviews for No Depression, the magazine that pretty much defined the alt country movement. Perhaps the most obscure? A Pavement interview I did for Fizz magazine, translated into Cyrillic text. You can even use Google to translate it back into really strange English! Awesome. I love the internet.


  1. It's weird googling yourself. Last time I did it, I found out that I ran a race in Michigan (yeah, as if I've ever run more than 50 feet in my life) and that I work as a janitor in a nearby school district. What are the odds that there's another "me" only a few towns over, and my family/my husband's family is not from this area?

  2. I was thrilled to google myself and find out that I was the #1 Kim Becker. Woot! With all the Kim Beckers in the world ...

  3. You are the coolest person in the whole, wide world!

  4. Wow! Wonder what will happen if I google myself? Prob nothing, since my name is spelled so weird...


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