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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coming Attractions

This week has already been crazy hectic and I am way behind on blogging. Never fear, I have a ton of stuff to post before embarking upon our Thanksgiving road trip. Giveaways, people- lots of giveaways! I promise, you will be subjected to an outpouring of bloggity blogging shortly.

But for now, content yourself with this really random branding I encountered at Target: yes, they really are High School Musical mini cucumbers. I can think of so many inappropriate jokes but I'll let you ponder them yourselves…

Go, Wildcats, Go!


  1. What? What kind of marketing is this?

    "Cool! As a cucumber! You know you want to be like Troy!"

  2. Disney cucumbers? Uhoh. I think you may have been persuaded to get some.

  3. Oh wow, that's ridiculous. I wonder if there's a dance number to go along with them.

  4. LOL it makes me think of a very inappropriate(but hilarious) south park episode about mickey mouse using the jonas brothers to sell sex to young girls. i see that they are now moving on to high school musical. hehehe....


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