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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oxfam America Unwrapped

I think the first time I ever really thought about charity and what it really means was in 1984 when the UK single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" was released. It was all over the radio and MTV that holiday season and the American counterpart, "We Are The World", was released soon afterward. I was still pretty young but had never contemplated the idea that people could be hungry, even starving, somewhere in the world. Shockingly, people are even starving in our own country. How could that be true?

Nowadays, the concept is never far from my thoughts, especially as holiday season rolls around each year. Of course, there are lots of high-profile charities to donate to these days and many of them make it especially convenient to help with online donation methods. One of the most well-reputed of these benevolent societies is Oxfam. Established in the UK in the 1940s, Oxfam is a secular group (unaffiliated with religious or government entities) committed to fostering independence and sustainable change in communities all over the world- at home and abroad. From Wikipedia: Oxfam International is a confederation of 14 organisations working with over 3,000 partners in around 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

Oxfam has a great way for you to give the gift of charity this holiday season: Oxfam America Unwrapped.

You select from a wide range of charitable gifts to help those in need and your gift recipient receives a card showing the gift. You can personalize cards online or have them shipped to you so you can write your own message. It's amazing to see the variety of gifts and the change they will foster within their communities: $20 will irrigate a farmer's land for two months, $25 will provide one child with a school lunch program, $1500 will rebuild a primary school…

If you have someone on your list who is hard to buy for or if you're in charge of a corporate giving program, Oxfam America Unwrapped is a unique solution with a long-lasting impact. I think it would be a great class holiday gift idea, too.

Disclosure: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Oxfam America Unwrapped and received a credit for a gift on the Oxfam site.”

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  1. Oxfam is such a great charity, and we've donated to it in the past. Thanks for sharing the links.


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