superdumb supervillain: Presenting… the Toothless Wonder!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Presenting… the Toothless Wonder!

"The Tooth Fairy brought me a Gold Maria." (umm, a Sacajawea dollar)

"Stop taking pictures, mom! I have a gingerbread house to eat…"

Fine. I'll just go take pictures of your little brother. He still has ALL his teeth!

(And a moderately creepy rubber puppy. But that's another story.)


  1. LOL! That 4th picture ("stop taking pictures...") is HILARIOUS!
    That's SO exciting that she lost a tooth! I keep waiting to hear that Logan's is loose, but still nothing! Maybe I shouldn't be so anxious...He's already growing up too fast.
    Curious about the puppy story...?

  2. Ha! I want to know about that creepy puppy!

    I love that last photo of faux evil! Congrats Roo on the Gold Maria, lol.

  3. Dang, you made her mad! ROFL! How cool is your stove!

    What makes the puppy creepy, does it fart? *snort*

  4. Here I was scrolling along thinking, "she looks adorable even with a tooth missing." and then I see that! LOL.
    How can a sweet little angel appear so devilish?

    She thought it was Maria Montessori, didn't she? Did she get the currency? Emil did and wanted to sell it on eBay :)


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