superdumb supervillain: STILLERSTRONG

Friday, December 04, 2009


I've been a fan of Ben Stiller's since his eponymous show way back in the early '90s. That show introduced Janeane Garofalo, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Judd Apatow and, sadly, Andy Dick. I watched it every week, along with Parker Lewis Can't Lose, until it became the first show of many that Fox cancelled just when it was getting good.

Anyway, if you're also a Ben Stiller fan, perhaps you will be interested in his latest schtick: charity fundraiser. That's right. The hirsute comedian has started a charity, STILLERSTRONG, to raise money for a school project in Haiti. Of course, he has to adulate and mock Lance Armstrong while doing it, but hey- that's why we love him.

1 comment:

  1. It would be really cool if he could resurrect the headband in fashion. And make fun of Lance Armstrong while doing so.


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