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Monday, January 25, 2010

Exercise, Tuscan Style

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a daily fitness routine that included working out with a celebrity fitness guru on the palazzio veranda of a self-sustaining organic estate in Tuscany, here's your chance! Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD is not only an intense yoga-based cardio/strength workout, but also a sneak peek into the lifestyle of the rich, famous and eco-friendly actress, environmentalist and activist who also happens to be… Mrs. Sting. She's also amazingly in tune with her body and, like her husband, is enviably fit and healthy in her mid-50s. I was surprised at how intense the workouts are while being very calming, perhaps because it features music from Sting's album Songs from the Labyrinth.

Warrior Yoga is the one of three new Gaiam Trudie Styler Fitness DVDs, sales of which support UNICEF Ecuador Water Project. The other DVDs are Core Strength Pilates and Cardio Dance Flow. I am curious about those, has anyone tried them?

Disclosure: I received a copy of the DVD to review.

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  1. I like her, and would probably like this video.

    I remember reading somewhere that Sting practices tantric sex and can sustain it for hours. I'm sure Mrs. Sting can keep up due to yoga. Ok, I can't believe I left that comment, but your Wave Rider review is directly underneath this window. I couldn't help it.


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