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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Funky Monkey Fruit Snacks

My kids love fruit. All kinds, all ways. They can't get enough. They also like crunchy snacks. Funky Monkey calls itself "Fruit That Crunches!" so, naturally, I figured my kids would like these healthy treats.

We received three of the seven flavors of Funky Monkey freeze-dried fruit snacks to try: Applemon, MangOJ, and Pink Pineapple. All were tasty but the Pink Pineapple pouch was gone in an instant, possibly because Bob and I liked them the best, too! The pineapple-guava flavor reminded me of the juice we always had at school growing up in Hawaii. The texture is crunchy and the flavor is intense. Funky Monkey makes a great lunchbox addition or after-school snack and I could even see using them as an exotic salad or yogurt topping.

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Disclosure: we received three pouches of Funky Monkey in order to write this review.

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