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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mommy's Friend Ina

The following review/giveaway is for adult eyes only because it involves sex. Mommy and daddy sex. (Everyone under 18 just clicked away, right?) No super explicit stuff here but the links might contain NSFW content. Consider yourself warned.

Meet Ina, the latest member (ha, ha) of the LELO family of pleasure objects.

This rechargeable, splashproof little beauty features two very powerful individual motors to keep you busy. I am especially curious about the "circular mode where vibrational pulses follow a loop through the body of the toy"… I never did try the rabbit that the Sex and the City girls went on and on about but I can see Ina being a good friend. And check out the luxe packaging– what a thoughtful gift!

Disclosure: I did not receive a product to review but by writing this post I will be entered into a contest to win an Ina of my very own.

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