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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sometimes I Hate Being Honest

Yesterday, I got a huge and unexpected package from Williams-Sonoma. Exciting, right? Even better- it was several pieces of lustworthy Goldtouch heavy-duty nonstick bakeware. Now, who loves me enough to send such quality tools for cooking? When I fished the invoice out to see from whence it came, I realized that it was not for me. "Mazel Tov, Naomi and Adam…" it read. Oh, no. I'd better not let Bob see that! Wait. I don't know anyone named Adam. Hmmph.

Obviously, someone had logged onto the Williams-Sonoma gift registry and just typed Naomi Shapiro, not bothering to check the shipping destination or betrothed. (Yes, I did make a registry for our wedding anniversary last year. It was a feeble attempt to win some of the fancy cooking tchotkes I love. We didn't register when we actually got married, so I figured it couldn't hurt to do it now…in fact, I just updated it so anyone who wants to know what kind of opulent present to buy me has somewhere to start shopping.) I contemplated the ethical dilemma. Should I just keep the super fancy bakeware that I know I would love as my own? Chances are the giver would never even realize the mistake and just assume the mystery Naomi Shapiro was bad at writing thank you cards… but of course that would be wrong. So I called customer service and they said they would order a UPS pickup. Just like that. I was kind of hoping they'd offer me a consolation prize, like maybe the Goldtouch Sandwich Cookie Cake Pans, which are about the cutest thing I've seen in a while:

Disclosure: I received nothing in exchange for this post, aside from the warm fuzzies associated with doing the right thing. Although if Williams-Sonoma wanted to send me stuff, I'd probably love it. Especially if it was actually meant for me.


  1. Come on, Williams-Sonoma. Naomi did the right thing here, show her some love. (Or at least some product.)

  2. Doing the right things is always the best! Yay warm fuzzies!

    I have a Williams Sonoma gift card...and I love you. However, it is mine...all mine!

    See you tonight!

  3. That is funny! I received a "mystery" gift for my wedding but when I called Macy's and insisted that I did not know any such person nor even anyone who lived in the area of the store from which the item was purchased, they did not care. They said they couldn't access any information without the purchase credit card number. So, someone's nice relative or friend purchased us a China serving platter.

  4. Wow, what a weird story. I probably would have done the same thing, though it would have been quite hard to part with any Williams Sonoma stuff.

    That cake pan is awesome! That would blow the minds of all of my relatives at our next family picnic.

  5. Good for you Naomi! Yes, it's tough to do the right thing sometimes, but that warm fuzzy feeling is worth it... And knowing how excited Naomi and Adam will be when they get their gift! =)

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  7. *Oops! Ignore the comment above this one. I hate it when I make comments signed in as my husband!*

    Way to be honest!

    I hope that W-S sees this post and sends you piles of your favorite goodies to review. ;)


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