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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wanna Buy Some Cookies?

Roo just joined a Daisy Girl Scouts troop, right in time for cookie season. Technically, we can't take orders online but if you want to buy some cookies from Roo, email me and we'll hook you up…

Here are the Girl Scout Cookie varieties we are selling. Bear in mind that the names might be a bit different, depending on your region– the cookies I grew up calling "Samoas" are called "Caramel deLites" and "Dos-i-dos" are the same as "Peanut Butter Sandwiches."

Roo highly recommends the Peanut Butter Patties. She keeps telling prospective customers that she doesn't like the Lemonades, which I doubt is the best sales method, although she's sold quite a few boxes. The very first house we stopped at signed on for 80 boxes-and no, they aren't even related to us! I tried to tell Roo that probably wasn't going to happen at every house but I think she's setting her sights pretty high. After all, if she sells 1000 boxes, she wins a Nintendo DS. It's good to have goals, huh?

If you want to buy Girl Scout Cookies from Roo, email me for more info. Remember, even if you're on a diet or (heaven forbid!) hate cookies, you can always buy some and donate them to our troops via Cookie Share…


  1. OMG, 80 boxes! What kind of house is that?

    I'm sooo tempted to buy some...I'll email you. I love the Samoas too, but I'm afraid that I'd be the only one eating the entire box, since Chris hates coconut.

  2. Ah, so the cookie share does exist! Good to know. Come over again so I can give you my order that will go (mostly) to the troops.

  3. Good luck Roo!!! I am sure you'll make that goal!

  4. I am a PROUD supporter of Roo's cookie sales! :)


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