superdumb supervillain: Introducing Stella!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Introducing Stella!

Look what Roo and I found after our Read to Rover program at the Humane Society last weekend:

After much deliberation, we decided to adopt Stella after Roo's Daisy Scout meeting yesterday. She was so surprised! And so was Jasper when we brought her home…

No, not really. Stella is pretty sweet and not very nippy, thankfully. She mellowed out a bit after we introduced her to the house and the cats. Predictably, Chunk is already her biggest ally. Aside from Daddy, of course!

I'm not sure who is more thrilled about Stella– Roo or Jasper. Stella returns their admiration a million times over, with slobbery kisses.

I think she's going to be a great family dog.


  1. She's adorable!! So excited for you guys! =)

  2. Stella! Oh she's adorable :) I'm so happy for your family and I'm sure Stella is tickled pink to be hanging around such cool humans.

  3. I have a really good feeling about this! I think Stella is going to bring lots of love and fun to your family. She's such a lovely color--I like that lighter tan color (or is that just the photo?).

  4. CUTE pictures! Welcome to the family, Stella!

  5. What a cute addition to your already adorable family! :)


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