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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dyson Blueprint = Vacuum Love

I liked my old Dyson vacuum cleaner. It was one of the first purchases Bob and I made when we were still living in sin in Memphis, way back in the nineties. Back then, we only had two cats, but it seemed like a prudent purchase. An investment in our future, if you will. It was not cheap (It cost about $500 even way back then!) and it was also uncommon enough for me to have to order it online. It sucked mightily, in a good way, and we loved it instantly. Even though it was unbelievably ugly, decked out in purple and green like Ye Olde Incredible Hulk. Did I mention that the plastic had glitter embedded in it? Some seriously bizarre industrial design choices were made in the creation of this otherwise stealthy and maneuverable floor-cleaning maniac.

That big old Animal served us well through the adoption of eleven cats and birth of two kids, although we chose to keep it hidden away in closets as much as possible. Because of the purple and green, mostly, but also because Bob vacuumed up cat litter with it once and it retained a lingering scent. Anyway, imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to review the newest Dyson vacuum cleaner, the limited edition DC25 Blueprint model. Yes, screams and giddiness. Pure delight! We had to introduce them, of course:

Not to be shallow, but the younger one is cuter, right? Slimmer, more vivacious, with a little wiggle due to the inclusion of the proprietary ball technology… it's a sexy little thing! Of course, it has awesome suction with very little noise, just like the old one. I also really, really like the quick-release wand, which is MUCH easier to use than its predecessor, once you figure it out. It makes it way more likely that I will actually use the wand tools to clean my air ducts and appliance grates. Seriously. In fact, the combo tool is sort of a crevice sucker and slide-up brush that makes doing the tight spaces a breeze. The narrower, lower-profiled head means that I will vacuum under and around more stuff and the rubbery coating means I won't mess up the moulding, even though realistically I need to repaint the trim one of these days, anyway.

Now, if Dyson could just make it clean the floors automatically, scoop cat poop, walk the dog and change diapers, my life would be perfect…

Disclosure: I received the Dyson DC25 Blueprint for review purposes. I am not sending it back because it has become part of the family.


  1. Man, I didn't know the older ones had glitter in the plastic? That is a weird design decision.

    We've been contemplating a Dyson, since from all I've read, they're like the greatest vacuum ever invented. It's funny how I get excited about vacuums now, as a adult.

    The new one looks and sounds nice!

  2. I think the Dyson is a wise investment. It's pricey but our old Hulk still works well, aside from the kitty litter whiff. I blame Bob for that, though!

  3. That actually is kind of sexy.


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