superdumb supervillain: Roo Lost a Tooth. Literally.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Roo Lost a Tooth. Literally.

Roo lost her second tooth. Literally. Somewhere between jostling it loose and swabbing her bleeding gums with a paper towel, it vanished. She wrote this explanatory note to the tooth fairy:

In case you can't read kindergartner, it says "Dear tooth fairy, on accident I swallowed my tooth. I'm sorry. My birthday is in March. From Roo." The blood gives it a touch of authenticity.

She wanted me to include a close-up of her birthday sneakers, which are the first thing she's ever asked for from a TV commercial. And probably not the last…


  1. Awww! Such a sweet girl!

    Love the birthday shoes! (and the hula pics from your WW post. So cute!)

  2. LOL - we lost one like that too. never to be found. wrote the tooth fairy a similar note and she was very kind and understanding. however, she did tell us NOT to allow it to happen again :)

  3. That note is so'd better save that for the scrapbook or scrap box.

    Did you get a pair of matching sneaks too? :)

  4. Oh no!! I dont remember ever swallowing a tooth. Did she know she swallowed it when it happened, or did you just notice it gone? What a big girl, 2 teeth gone already!!

  5. The note is classic! Even with the drops of blood, nice touch :D

    Those are some pretty cool sneaks! How fun!

  6. I love reading notes from kids when they first start writing. they are so cute! and congrats on the milestone to Roo!!


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