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Friday, April 16, 2010

Roo's Journal

When Roo gets on my nerves (which is often now that she is a petulant six-going-on-sixteen), I like to flip through her journals from school. Her teachers don't correct the spelling, so it's sometimes like deciphering a riddle, but they definitely give some insight and make me smile.

"Cheetahs are fast runners because they want prey to eat."

"I love you Sterling. I want to kiss you. I love you."

"We are going to sell cookies for money."

"Kaila, I miss you so much. Kaila girl I love you. Kaila I think you are good."

The last one is a shout-out to Kristin's daughter who Roo made friends with at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. How cute is that? Almost makes me not cringe at the way she's being mean to her little brother tonight. Almost.


  1. Kaila is sitting right here looking at it. How cute, Del says we must see you again.

  2. So cute! And too sweet about Kai too! I love that they taught her cursive. Crazy to see a 6 yr old writing in cursive!

  3. That's so great that they keep journals at her school. Definitely a plus for writing and art.

    I love her photos and descriptions--so cute! Especially the ones about Sterling and Kaila. Who's Sterling anyway?

  4. Cool, I wish Jojo did journals. He is big into writing.

  5. wish you could see the huge smile on my face after reading this post.

  6. She is so sweet! I miss Roo (and all of your family) so much. We need to have a family playdate very soon!


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