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Monday, April 05, 2010


I got my hair cut and colored the other day. It had gotten pretty scraggly in the dry, dismal Kansas winter, plus my grey hairs have become problematic. I wanted something new and perhaps edgier than normal but I ended up with sort of caramel highlights that are not really me at all. Oops.

Did I mention that since I had Jasper, every time I color my hair I end up with a horrific skin reaction? Yep. Red, itchy skin and some blistering on my ears. Disgusting, I know, and even more pathetic that I totally ignore this FACT OF LIFE. Because apparently covering my grey is more important to me than being able to live without repeat applications of cortisone cream all the time. I think I am defiant about it because I've been doing crazy things to my hair with various chemical agents since I was about 14 years old with nary a problem. Blonde, blue, pink, red… been there, done that. But when I try to look "natural" I fail miserably. Story of my life. Does anybody have any solutions for covering grey naturally? Or at least hypo-allergenically? I know I'm almost 40 but I feel too young to submit to silver fox-ness.

On a brighter note, I did find what might be the most perfect lip stain ever. I bought two shades of Pixi lip blush at Target: Love (a coral red, very Mad Men) and Happiness (a fluorescent raspberry). The applicator looks like a magic marker and it goes on very sheer and stays on for hours. Plus it doesn't kiss off onto your kids. Genius! Makes me want to blow kisses all day, for real.

Disclosure: I paid for my haircut, dye, cortisone cream and lip stain. The latter was totally worth it.


  1. I like the highlights. I've used henna in the past, just for interest not to cover gray, and though it's a mess to do, I'm fond of the results. I think it tends to do reddish tones, but I've seen boxes of darker colors so maybe you could check it out.

    I like the coral with your dark hair. I'm personally not a fan (it always reminds me of my great aunt Josie who didn't have great taste) and it looks awful with my skintone and hair color.


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