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Monday, May 03, 2010

Free State Social

I had an amazing time at the very first Free State Social in nearby (well, two+ hours nearby) Lawrence, although you probably wouldn't guess that by the number of pictures I took. Three. Is that even possible? I totally suck, I know. Here's the thing, though. I was more into hanging out with people and talking to them than in taking photos. Yes, I was actually being social at a social media conference– imagine that.

The speakers were all really great. We all knew the out-of-towners would be fantastic: Chris Brogan, Sarah Evans, Jeremiah Owyang, Shawna Coronado, Ellyn Angelotti, Scott Raymond. Each had a great way of relating their personal stories about social media and took time to answer questions from the audience at length. (I am fairly sure that Jeremiah made the audience's collective head explode.) Insightful and inspiring. The local panel was great, too, although honestly they could have gone on for a lot longer. Zena Weist and Ramsey Mohsen, Tony Botello and Shea Sylvia talked a lot about the importance of community, integrity and the value of blogging.

Chris Brogan, Briana Saunders, Shea Sylvia, Jeremiah Owyang

The Lawrence community TweetUp was a highlight after the first day although I must admit I only made it to two of the destinations. I am told that we got the first swarm badge in Kansas at The Sandbar, which many folks were thrilled about. Also Fail Whale shots and the pretty blue drink you see below.

Ramsey is a KU grad and heartily endorsed the "shark attack" at The Sandbar. It comes with a grenadine-filled shark that you upend, swirling like blood into the azure sea… so cool!

Of course, Ramsey is also the one who coerced the lovely Zena Weist and myself to climb onto the bar for a local tradition known as "the hurricane." Thankfully, he is a merciful videographer and captured brief moments of what ensued.

Now, if you've ever wanted to see Chris Brogan, Sarah Evans and Shawna Coronado dance on a bar for an uncomfortably long time (just call me leadfinger), well, here you go:

I had a couple of hours to reflect upon Free State Social while I drove home. It was very Kansas- big and wide and open for possibilities. A bunch of us Wichitans are planning to get a social media breakfast group together this week and see what happens. Keep the momentum going. Ease on down the road, so to speak.

And the cherry on top? I was quoted about the conference in the Lawrence Journal-World and not only didn't sound totally ignorant but my headshot didn't make me look like a criminal. Phew!


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Wash those windows, dip the sponge. Work it! Hey Chris, show us your boobies! LOL!

  2. I'm still giggling like a little kid about that night at Sandbar. You had such a good attitude in embracing and just living in the moment.

    Not to mention, you're an incredible person Naomi. Thanks for making #FSsocial an amazing experience!

  3. Oh. My. God. Turn me off! LOL!

    I loved the recap - and of course I am now totally addicted to SuperDumb!

    Of course the irony - you are not superdumb - you are super smart.

    Love ya,


  4. I'm so glad you got to attend - and that I finally got to meet you in the Bird Dog Bar! When we make plans for next year, we'll be sure to let you know.


    P.S. Shark Attack is one of the best drinks in Lawrence. Rivals Louise's Downtown's schooners.

  5. Thank you for the recap. Can't believe you shared the "uncomfortably long" video. I won't even watch it. It was great meeting you (and the #FSsocial attendees). Love the blog! Best, Sarah

  6. Yeah, you go Naomi! I'm wondering, are those gold clams on your boobs? I'm hoping that wasn't your outfit for real. I figured not since Sarah (?) was wearing it too.

    The Sandbar looks fun...and you seem to have had a great time. I wish they're would be a social media event in Philly, though I think Bloggy Boot camp is coming in the fall.

  7. Loved getting to know you, Naomi! So glad Chris introduced us. I have to say even though Ramsey had to corral us up on the bar, once we were up there YOU made it so much fun :)))) - I'll party with you any night.

  8. Umm, no, there are no gilded shell-topped garments in my closet. (Oh, wait. I do have a vintage sixties belly dancer costume somewhere…)

    Loved Free State Social, The Oread, The Sandbar, and all of the truly exceptional folks I got to pal around with. I am not being obsequious when I say that there are way too many for me to list. What a remarkable event and what a fantastic community- regionally and on the interwebz. Good stuff and I am so glad to be a part of it all.

  9. Love it!

    Thanks for the great recap. Glad you had fun at FSS and at the Sandbar! Thanks for the great pics & mentions of the bar. Come back soon!

  10. ROFL! You are a much braver person than I, although a drink or however many can do that to you! =)
    Great pic of you, you're right!!


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