superdumb supervillain: Mother's Day

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Best card, ever! Apparently, Roo thinks I am very glamorous with the red lips and accessories. Not sure about the clawlike feet, though.

Roo's handwriting has really gotten good this year. Her cursive "F" is way better than I could do, honestly. I am so proud of both kiddos and so happy they made me into a mommy. Even when they're screaming at each other, which is pretty often these days.

My dad sent me some beautiful flowers. The colors are just stunning:


  1. awesome! hope you had a GREAT mother's day!

  2. The card is the best present of all- it has so much meaning! Happy (late) Mother's Day and just wanted you to know I am LOVING your blog.

  3. That is some snappy red lipstick! Rawr!!!

    Love the card. Warm fuzzies for cuteness from Roo.

    Gorgeous flowers. Just gorgeous.

  4. Sweet card and GORGEOUS flowers!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  5. That card? Sweetest. Thing. Ever. Must save for when she's a teen.


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