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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Bob and I forget our anniversary every year; it's something we need to work on. He's still away on his annual Horn Island trip, out of cell communication. So here's wishing him a happy anniversary and letting him know that I remembered and I'm thinking about him. I hope wherever he is, there are no dolphins pooping on him.

This was on the Big Island pre-kids, when we were young and cute.


  1. AW Happy Anniversary! I remember that you both forgot last year too! LOL! How many years have you been married? I don't know that I'll ever forget, and because I wont forget, neither will Gary. HA!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two. I remember last year's post, where you forgot too. :)

    I hope he's having a nice time, and that you're not going nuts with the kids. That's a great photo of the two of you, by the way.

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    You guys DO look cute in the dolphin picture!

    We had our 10th on May 27.

  4. You're both still young and cute. Happy Anniversary!

  5. I may forget somethings. But I never forget what you are to me. I love you baby!

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary! Greg and I forgot ours is coming up. It took his step dad reminding us, lol.


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