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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help a Kitty

Most of my readers know that my oldest cat is Piewackett. She was my first pet, found in the parking garage of my apartment in Austin when she was about three months old. Now she's 17 and still just as surly as ever! Pie was named after Kim Novak's kitty in Bell, Book and Candle but apparently the name has a long history.

I came across photographer Lara Rossignol's blog by chance, stumbling upon a Piewacket button somewhere on the interwebz. Obviously, we both have fabulous taste in kitties and spelling, so I've kept it in my blog reader. Her cat is not named Piewacket(t) but he looks an awful lot like my grey girl, only more handsome since he's a boy. Atticus (also a fabulous fictional character name) has had some health issues, though, and was recently diagnosed with mast cell cancer. He will have to undergo chemotherapy, ergo The Atticus Project is now open to help raise funds for his treatment.

People who don't have pets may not understand spending money on them in situations like this but I absolutely do. Piewackett had a terrible health scare about eight years ago and we never did find out what caused it. I remember feeling so helpless as she kept losing weight and struggling. Exploratory surgery didn't turn up anything but it was costly and frightening to have to deal with.

I hope you'll take a minute to check out The Atticus Project and perhaps find something you like: a celebrity portrait by Lara, some vintage tchotkes, etc. I am going to buy this print she's made of a relative's vintage snapshot because it makes me happy:

Hug your kitties, everyone!

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  1. Oscar is at this moment snuggled up against me on the floor--and it's 82 degrees in here. Where's the love???

    I do like this cause, and that print makes me happy too.


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