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Friday, July 30, 2010

OpenSky, Open Soon

You've probably been wondering what the "coming soon" button that is currently counting down on my sidebar is all about. A few of you have even emailed to ask me about it. Well, readers, let me tell you about a new way to shop online: OpenSky.

OpenSky is a new concept in online marketing that gives bloggers the power to sell only what they would choose to recommend to their friends, kind of like a cross between Etsy and an Amazon affiliate code but with a better payoff for everyone involved - the blogger and OpenSky split the earnings above wholesale price 50-50. Vendors/distributors get visibility and real-world feedback while bloggers/shopkeepers get products to review and recommend, plus a decent commission. Win-win!

I haven't technically opened my OpenSky shop yet (the platform launches on August 10th, keep your eyes on the ticker…) but I have started perusing the wares available and they run the gamut from culinary tools and foodie items to pet gear to beauty supplies to (seriously) air compressors. There is literally something there for everyone and being a gal with eclectic tastes, I am sure I will ferret out all sorts of cool stuff for you to discover.

Here's a sneak peek at the first Naomi-approved OpenSky Store stock item, perfect for your Labor Day BBQ:

The OpenSky site is gearing up for the August 10th unveiling but until then, check out the excitement building on their Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for more information on OpenSky's launch and be eligible to win a super secret surprise! Be sure to check that one out, especially if you'd like to open your own OpenSky shop or sell your wares via OpenSky.

Finally, here's a punk rock OpenSky serenade, just for kicks:


  1. FYI, they put the site into maintenance mode yesterday. I didn't notice either until I tried to put up my review today. Kind of annoying that there wasn't more notice, but understandable considering how much is changing.

  2. Hi Naomi!

    Can't wait to get your shop up and running on August 10! Sure they'll be some great finds in there :)

    We also have a 365 day return policy so everyone can shop worry-free.

    Great intro post!


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