superdumb supervillain: Wordless Wednesday- Pole Dancers and Parrots

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Pole Dancers and Parrots

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  1. They are getting so big! Roo has such great style, seriously! So cute. Kaila said "mommy, I like her pink shirt with black vest. Oh and her sandals, they're like my red ones."

    Glad I still get to "see" them!

  2. Cool parrot!
    K, they seriously crack me up! Roo is such a little ham with the camera! Is she always like that or does it just come out when the camera does?? =)

  3. Love her halter dress!! Oh my gosh, so cute! That parrot is seriously massive LOL

  4. I imagine you teaching them to pose all sassy like that.


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