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Monday, November 08, 2010

Fuzzoodles Fiesta

Last weekend we had a communal birthday party/get-together since it was our friend Krista's birthday as well as mine and Bob's. It seems like everyone's been busy with work, school and life in general so it was a great excuse to get together. Bob's been wanting to build a campfire since the weather started cooling off and coincidentally I was asked to host a House Partypalooza for Fuzzoodles, which provided a fantastic activity for our kids!

My idea of decor: groovy flowers and leftover party napkins.

Gourmet birthday cake…

Fuzzoodles are kind of a cross between gigantic pipe cleaners and Mr Potato Head. They're huge chenille noodles that kids can bend and twist into anything they dream about. Kits range from $6.99 for a small kit to $19.99 for a Big Box set and are available at Walmart, Toys R Us and online at Most of the kids who came to the party had seen Fuzzoodles on TV and were excited about them immediately. It was fun to see boys and girls of all ages (the youngest was 18 months and the oldest is almost 7) manipulate the fuzzy wires and act out stories with them. 

There were plenty of Fuzzoodles to go around and each child got to take home a seriously cute Fuzzoodles tote bag with their creations. The kids would take a break, run around outside and then come back to make another Fuzzoodle! The adults, meanwhile, drank beer and ate hummus and spring rolls. And Bob got to start his campfire in the backyard.

Disclosure: I received all of the Fuzzoodles supplies shown and some extra kits to share with our friends as part of the House Partypalooza program. I will also receive an honorarium for sharing my thoughts about my Fuzzoodles Fiesta.


  1. They look so fun! Living under a rock, I've never heard of them, but I'm sure Sojo would love them.

    I wish I could have attended your party! Campfires are great, especially when it's cool out.

  2. Love your colorful pictures! Everyone looks happy! Betsy from


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