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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Slap-py Christmas!

I'm not usually very fad-happy. Perhaps it was because I wasn't one of the kids who had Swatches from wrist to elbow in high school and I'm still jealous, but anytime something is a cultural phenomenon, I'm skeptical. When I heard that the creators of Zanybandz and Splash Watches had created an interchangeable watch/slap bracelet hybrid, I was a bit jaded. Yeah, yeah. It couldn't be that cool.

I was wrong.

SLAP Watches consist of a brightly colored silicon "slap" band and an equally brightly colored watchface. The faces slip in and out of the bands with ease so you can create your own crazy color schemes. It sounds simple but it is also totally brilliant. It's sturdy, water-resistant, and very cute.

I was expecting Roo and Jasper to go nuts for the SLAP Watch but surprisingly the member of our household who loves it most is Bob! He likes the simplicity of the design. The watchface has no numbers but is very easy to read, although younger kids might just learning to tell time might prefer the SLAP Jr. which is smaller (3/4 scale) and has numbers printed on the face.

Pricing is nice at about $18 for a single SLAP Watch and $40 for one SLAP Watch with two additional bands to mix and match. One SLAP Watch with all five of the other band colors is just $60 and, incredibly, you can get a set of all six SLAP Watches (six bands and six watchfaces) for just $99.

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Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I received a SLAP Watch for review purposes.

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