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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Beauty Guinea Pig: Eyelash Extensions

When I was in Detroit for the #FordGreen NAIAS event, I couldn't stop staring at my friend Sugar Jones. This isn't a huge surprise, since Sugar is obviously gorgeous and a ton of fun to be around, but she looked unusually beautiful. When she told me it was her eyelash extensions, I was immediately consumed with the desire to try it myself. I'm a pretty low-maintenance beauty girl and don't wear much makeup on a daily basis aside from lip stain, but I thought it might be a way to look more "done" without actually being done up. Yes, I really am that lazy.

Of course, being me, I had to hem and haw about it for months, ask a zillion questions, and then price-compare the service at local salons. I found prices ranging from $125 to $250 and different opinions about whether or not you could/should wear mascara with them and how often you'd need to get them touched up. I chose the cheapest one because it also boasted that you could go 3-4 weeks without touching them up. Plus I had a $60 gift card that made it more reasonable.

The application process for eyelash extensions is pretty hardcore. You lay on your back with your eyes closed, which was a bit odd. I had no sense of time passing. It took almost two hours for the aesthetician (Sofia at Beau Monde) to apply the lashes because each one is done individually and she mixed several lengths to make it look more natural. Here's the end result:

I'll admit, they were a little freaky long for me initially. People who can't wear contact lenses because of the sensation of having something on their eye probably wouldn't be good candidates for eyelash extensions because they're rather heavy. Once I got used to not rubbing my eyes when I was tired or scrubbing them in the shower, I liked the extensions. They do feel fancy, the way a fresh manicure does. People wanted to know if I changed my makeup or skincare. They kept asking what was different about me but they couldn't immediately place it. When I 'fessed up, they all wanted to try it. My mom and her friends even had their lashes done!

How is their longevity? Well, it's been about three weeks and they've held up fairly well. I've shed quite a few lashes and they're not nearly as thick as they were but I still got a compliment on them at Sam's today. Here's how they look now:

I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting them done again. It's $75 for a touch-up although if I go much longer, I suspect I'll be in for the full treatment again. What do you think?


  1. They look really nice but thats a lot of doe. You might opt to do them during certain times of year instead - like around Christmas or the beginning of summer.

  2. i think you're gorgeous either way. but if they make you feel better about yourself...then it's worth it :)

    and i think sugar is the bomb too!


  3. They look great! I'm so jealous--I have the puniest, lightest lashes ever (thanks Mom). They definitely change your face a lot, and I like that you don't even have to wear makeup to look good with them on.

  4. They look really nice but thats a lot of doe. You might opt to do them during certain times of year instead - like around Christmas or the beginning of summer.

  5. look beautiful already but your extensions are kick ass and look totally natural! I used Latisse for about a year and had he same bottle is about $150 but it lasts 6-7 months (not the recommended 3 months like it says it will last). When I would wake up every morning my lashes had "bed head" when I would get was fun. If you dont have any weird reactions to medications its worth the try. You will have results after 2-3 months.


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