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Thursday, September 15, 2011

dENiZEN Jeans at Target

dENiZEN is a new global brand created by Levi's, the people who invented jeans. Its mission is to offer quality jeans for the whole family, balancing style and affordability for the best value. dENiZEN is available exclusively at Target and has a pair of jeans for pretty much everyone in your family: men, women, girls and boys.

I'm usually jeans-phobic since I was forced to wear husky sizes as a child, so we got a pair of dENiZEN 285 Relaxed fit jeans for Bob to review. He is the pickiest man alive, even though he seems very laid back, so I knew he'd be ultra-critical. He doesn't like boot cut legs or baggy, saggy bottoms or hipster tight jeggings. But he loved these from the get-go, even remarking that they seemed very nice for cheap jeans.

See? Not too baggy, not too tight. He wouldn't let me take a butt shot. Sorry.

I was so impressed that I sought out the women's dENiZEN jeans the next time I was at Target. I really, really liked the Totally Shaping Midrise Boot Cut Jean but, as usual, they were way too long for me. I was disappointed but thankfully you can order short and long lengths online, so I'm thinking about doing that when the weather cools down.

In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that we received the jeans pictured above to facilitate this review, which is part of a dENiZEN promotional campaign by Team MomRest assured, however, that all opinions are– as usual– entirely my own.


  1. Love the guys jeans!!

    No butt shots? darn!

  2. They look like they fit him really well! Don't you hate how tough it is for our little legs to be fitted?


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