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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Minute Halloween: Angry Birds Costumes

My first exposure to the world of advertising came at a very young age. Our neighbor in Maunawili was a Dutch guy who worked for an agency, I think as a creative director. They always had cool stuff at their house, in retrospect perhaps because they had no kids and a great deal of pakalolo. Lots of artsy types, designer furniture and magazines. It was fun to hang out over there and I think they liked having me around for my childlike wonder or some such, which is funny because I was a freakishly intellectual little kid. Don't laugh, I think it wore off as I grew up.

At the time, I was mildly obsessed with the Ed Emberly doodle books and showed them to Nick, who promptly lifted the concept and turned it into the "Zippy Doodles" campaign for a local restaurant chain. I was in the TV ads, drawing on the iconic orange Zippy's square with a marker. My payment was the Donny and Marie TV show playset. Obviously, I was born to be a marketing muse. But I digress…

Why was this relevant? Well, fast-forward a couple of decades, to about this time last year when I was at eBay for their holiday campaign. The entire trip was a whirlwind of awesomeness but I was particularly thrilled to meet Dennis Goedegebuure, who is one of the few people I've ever encountered who can make analytics remotely interesting to me. We ran into each other again at EVO last summer and apparently like to give each other grief. So, yeah, he's a Dutch marketing guy and that's how my train of though works. Now you know, lucky ducks.

Anyhow, Dennis is busy testing a new concept and we're going to help because it involves the ever-popular Angry Birds. Jasper was delighted that they released a Halloween upgrade and word on the streets is that Angry Birds Costumes are among the most coveted this year, for kids and adults alike. To that end, Dennis has agreed to pose for me in a very fetching Yellow Angry Bird Costume:

Cute, right? Well, it gets even better. On Halloween, he will be wandering the streets of San Francisco dressed up in the golden glory of the Yellow Angry Bird Costume, with matching yellow ensemble underneath. I wish I could see that in person!

I kind of think the Black Angry Birds Costume would look great modified into a minidress. Although I'd be afraid someone would try to pick me up and throw me up into the air… Which Angry Birds character would you most likely dress up as?


  1. I have no doubt that those costumes are wildly popular this year, and who better to sport one than Dennis?!!

  2. my son would love that- he loves that game LOL

  3. Love it! My son is a huge fan of Angry Birds!

  4. Hey you :) I really don't know much about the Angry Birds... but that is too cute! :)

  5. I want to see YOU in an Angry Birds costume... :)

  6. My little ones aren't into this Angry Bird craze yet, but we see it EVERYWHERE!

  7. my kids are begging me to let them play and I have no idea what this is all about! I am so behind the times...but the costume is cool!

  8. I have resisted the Angry Bird craze, but I know it is very popular. I did see a cute t-shirt the other day for Happy Birds!


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