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Friday, February 17, 2012

TGIF- Cleaning Out My Inbox

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be sitting around on the computer all night. Not because I am usually out on the town but because I am usually hanging out with the hubs. He's in full campfire mode, though, and has some beer-drinking menfolk out back tonight so I am using my time to delete extraneous junk from my inbox. Like random emails from 2007. Don't judge me, people.

Most of the stuff is totally trash-worthy but I found some photos of the kids looking particularly young and adorable. They made me smile, so I figured I should share them here, for posterity since that's what I started this here web-log for in the first place– way back when Jasper was but a bun in the oven…

Aww, weren't they cute when they were little?


  1. 2007???!! What the heck! Well, the pictures of the kids are cute, so I'll give you that.

  2. They were little bitty things! So cute! But they are now too!

  3. They are still cute but man... time goes way too fast!!!!


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