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Monday, March 12, 2012

Live a Little: New Weekly Series

I was excited when my good friend Katja asked me to join her weekly blog carnival about living our lives to the very fullest. What a great way to remember to celebrate the awesomeness of the everyday! Of course, this week I am overloaded with too many chores and errands, as usual, so I don't feel particularly celebratory. What should I write about? 

How about the importance of trying something new? Or maybe trying something new, again?

I took a bellydancing class a million years ago when I was in college in Austin. I sucked at it. My punk rock aesthetic did not mesh with the hippieness of  the instructor and I felt clumsy and ugly and lame. Those are my old brass zils pictured. I need to find the other pair because I've recently taken bellydance up again, this time with lessons from my friends Tanya and Marta who are awesome female entrepreneurs as well as being hot badass chicks. They're teaching me about American Tribal Style bellydance, which fuses traditional and cabaret moves with a much more unorthodox attitude. I love it.

I still suck but at least I'm having fun.

Try something you failed at a long time ago. You might be surprised what happens next!


  1. Okay got it! Try something I sucked at a long time ago. Hmmm that is a large body of work.

  2. I totally love that you're doing this again! That is incredibly cool!

  3. Belly dancing sounds like a lot of fun. Not to mention it's a great workout.

    I love this concept of "live a little". It reminds us to entertain our desires/passions.

    Great idea!

  4. I just bet you have some skills when it comes to belly dancing, but I'd love to see a video to prove it to myself....or have evidence. Something.


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