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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cox Conserves Earth Day Initiative

Cox Communications is our cable company, as well as our home phone and internet provider, so I was happy to learn that this year marks the fifth anniversary of their environmentally-conscious Cox Conserves program. Since today is Earth Day, it seemed like a particularly appropriate time to talk about it.

Cox Conserves is the company’s national sustainability program, designed to reduce Cox Enterprises’ carbon footprint by twenty percent. The plan reduces Cox corporate energy consumption by embracing alternative energy, conserving natural resources and inspiring eco-friendly behavior. The program engages each of the company’s major subsidiaries (Cox Communications, Manheim, Cox Media Group and and encourages Cox Enterprises’ more than 50,000 employees and their families to engage in eco-friendly practices. For more information, visit:

Cox Conserves Green Initiatives

  • Alternative Energy: Cox actively identifies opportunities to harness solar energy and employ fuel cell technology, annually preventing more than 17,400 tons of greenhouse gases from entering the environment through its alternative energy projects.

  • Energy Conservation: Across Cox Enterprises, programs are in place to conserve energy, including producing alternative energy, constructing eco-friendly buildings, greening the company fleet, conserving resources and recycling materials.

  • Waste Management: Cox Enterprises employs a holistic approach to waste management including waste reduction, strategic partnerships for e-waste and customer engagement.

  • Water Conservation: Cox’s water conservation efforts save more than 20 million gallons of water annually and return high-quality reusable water to the community. This is accomplished through water conservation centers, motion-sensor faucets and well-water landscaping, among other programs. Cox also partners with groups such as American Rivers and the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper to help preserve valuable water resources and participate in river cleanup projects.

  • Eco-friendly Fleet: With more than 12,000 vehicles, Cox Enterprises has one of the nation’s largest fleets. Cox embraces Eco-friendly vehicles and uses technology such GPS Fleet Management Solutions to lessen its impact on the environment. Commuter programs and green call centers encourage employees to make a difference.

  • Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, Everyday

  • Have your family establish one day each week as Energy Savers Day. Turn off TVs, computers, video games and any other electronic gadgets. Use the time to read or play games.

  • BYOB – Bring your own bag to the store.

  • Use distilled white vinegar in place of chlorine-based cleaners. Distilled white vinegar contains about 5 percent acetic acid, which makes it a great stain remover.

  • Reduce your junk mail stream by joining a no-send list.

  • Unplug unused appliances. Electronics use 40% of their full running power when left on standby. Annually, this translates into an energy loss equivalent to the output of 26 power plants!

  • Bike around town instead of driving.

  • Download all these green home tips and more from Cox Conserves. Browse the site for more green suggestions in specific areas like Office, Travel, and Water Conservation. And if you know someone who is working hard to advocate for the environment, consider nominating them as a Cox Conserves Hero.

    Keep up on the latest news Cox Conserves news by liking Cox on Facebook, following @cox_comm on Twitter and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

    I'm spending my Earth Day on airplanes, trying to fly home from my grandpa's 90th birthday party. Not necessarily the greenest activity…Especially since we missed our connecting flight and we ended up having to rent a minivan and drive back to Wichita from Dallas so my stepfather could make it to work on time Monday morning. We got in at 4am, ouch!

    How are you celebrating the earth today, and every day?

    In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I was compensated by Cox and Everywhere Society for writing this post. However, all opinions are, as usual, my own.


    1. I have so many bags but I never remember to bring them to the store. I have GOT to work on that. Great ideas here.

    2. Great suggestions Naomi! I work with Cox Conserves, and it's comforting to know that even a big corporation like Cox is going the extra mile to make a positive impact on the planet. Hope you had a lovely Earth Day! And thanks for helping spread the word!


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