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Monday, May 07, 2012

Live A Little - Love Kittens

I know I've already mentioned the impact of pets on personal happiness, but something happened last week that made it pertinent again. I attended a conference on social media for non-profits at the Kansas Humane Society. It was really great but I brought home a souvenir. Well, two, actually. I mean, who could resist these things?!

We're not settled on names yet. Bob figures they have to grow into them. Roo wants to call them Bella and Lucky. Jasper suggests, uh, Jasper and Captain Cat. I'm trying really hard not to give them lame-o Game of Thrones-themed names, although the scrappy tortoiseshell kitten is totally Arya. What we all agree on, though, is that they've brought a kittenish giddiness to our lives. 

I'm not suggesting everyone needs to go out and get kittens every time they need a pick-me-up (though it would probably work!) but having a reminder to take a step back from everyday life and just be playful once in a while is true feline wisdom we can all learn from.

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  1. Two? Seriously, two?? I do have a soft spot for rescue dogs, but I've actually walked home only two in my entire life :) But yes, you can't be in a bad mood when you are with kittens - or puppies.


  3. My thoughts are exactly in line with Katja. I was thinking but why two??? One would have been good enough, no?

    Well obviously no, since you got two. You are something else.

  4. Can we get a group "awwwww"? Oh they are super cute and I imagine I'd have a hard time walking away without bringing at least one home, too. They are both lucky to have your family, regardless of their names, I'm sure they will be loved a ton!!!


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