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Monday, May 21, 2012

Live A Little - Opera for Everyone

Here's an embarrassing admission: I am not a huge classical music fan or opera lover. I don't hate it necessarily, but I also don't feel compelled to listen to it of my own volition and I certainly don't go out of my way to see it live. This is embarrassing on several levels. First, because I have many friends who are musicians, several who are featured performers in the Symphony. Second, because everyone knows that listening to classical music makes you smarter. Right? (Only half joking about that!) Third, because my parents LOVE it and are huge supporters of the local opera. 

This past weekend was my mom's birthday and I begrudgingly agreed to bring the kids to a schmancy dinner benefit for the opera. It was held outdoors and I figured I could endure it, for my mom. The kids were ambivalent. And then the music started, led off by a military color guard presenting the flag and a retinue of patriotic songs. The kids were enthralled.

Seated at a table next to us was the King of Ghana and his entourage. The kids were totally entranced by his colorful robes.

I explained why opera included so many different languages and told stories that she couldn't necessarily understand. I explained the difference between classical opera and light opera. I realized that Roo and Jasper would probably go nuts for Gilbert and Sullivan. I remembered how much fun it was to witness the spectacle of the costumes and the crazy high notes. Roo was positive that her glasses would shatter. I think she was hoping they would!

The performance was eventually rained out but we really enjoyed what we did get to see. And I was reminded that we should step outside of our usual habits every once in a while, even if it doesn't seem like something we'd like, just to make other people happy.

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  1. Your mom is beautiful! And so are you, inside and out. I'm glad you went, looks like a real Royal event and I love what you realized and hopefully you will branch out more again soon. I think I felt the same way when my in-laws dragged us to bowling. I would have rather gone to see opera.. but ended up having so much fun bowling. Perfect live a little post Naomi!

  2. Echoing Katja, you and your mom are such beauties! I can already see Roo turning into you too.

    That sounds like such a fun event, even being opera (soooo not a fan). Anything al fresco is wonderful this time of year.


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