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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bop It! Smash

It's hard to find games that amuse both kids. Jasper's attention level is much shorter than Roo's and he has a tendency to get bored midway through and either steal all the pieces or make up his own rules, which pretty much ruins it for his poor sister. 

It's also ridiculously hot here in Kansas so the kids don't want to go outside unless it involves swimming or getting into a car to go somewhere air conditioned. I can't say I blame them– the high is supposed to be 111ยบ today. Anyway, it's been kind of a pain trying to keep them entertained and moderately active indoors without hurting each other.

That's why I was pleased to receive Bop It! Smash, a new handheld interactive game that is deceptively simple but hopelessly addictive. The idea is to "catch" the flashing light as it speeds through the dots- you have to get it in the middle zone or you get trash talked. Yes, the game chews you out. It has arcade-like sounds and music and makes snarky comments that crack kids up. You can play it in three modes: solo, pass it, or multiplayer with up to six players. At first, the kids were annoyed because it's kind of hard. But then they figured out the rhythm and really got into it. I liked seeing them root for each other and using their reflexes. 

I must admit that Bob and I enjoyed trying it out, too, although I have to say the kids are waaaaay better at it!

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In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that we received the game shown above to facilitate this review. All opinions, however, are my own.

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