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Monday, August 13, 2012

Live A Little - Savor Summer

Wichita has a fabulous zoo so we've been frequent visitors since before Roo was born. This summer, our patronage has been a little spotty since it's been so stinking hot. Yesterday was beautiful– with a slight breeze, even!– so we headed out to the zoo bright and early. The animals seemed excited at the break in the heatwave. It seemed like a fitting end to the summer, since Roo starts school on Wednesday and Jasper starts next Monday.

What better way to Live a Little than by fraternizing with goats and taking crazy iPhone photos? 

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  1. It just kills me that school is kicking in again already!

  2. Are you happy to have the kids going back to school?

  3. Looks like kids had a good time :) I think we'll do the same this weekend (zoo)... Great idea!

  4. PERFECT way to spend a cooler day! Jasper's shirt is perfect too! :)


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