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Saturday, September 01, 2012

This is Glasgow: Flannery O'Kafka for Toto Knits

A few years ago, I discovered Toto Knits' adorable sweaters and accessories handmade in a fair-trade workshop in Kenya. I love seeing kids in animal-themed sweaters, although both of my kids are sadly getting too old to tolerate me dressing them up. They'd rather be cool than cute at this point. That's why I was happy to see their new collection.

This is Glasgow: Flannery O'Kafka for Toto Knits is a gorgeous collaboration with blogger/photographer Flannery O'Kafka. It's full of sophisticated pieces in muted colors, perfect for city dwellers and moor wanderers alike– as long as they're between sizes 0-10 years. I was a bit heartbroken with that, since I would proudly wear any of these!

I am especially smitten with the Organic Cotton Knit Dress, Fingerless Gloves and Sock Cap:

And how could you possibly resist the Pull-Through Scarf, a total steal at $7?! At that price, you can afford to get it in all three colorways and not have to choose just one…

What's your favorite piece from This is Glasgow?

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  1. Loving it all actually and my kids would love the gloves with the cutout fingers. Lovely images.


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