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Monday, October 29, 2012

Live A Little - Embrace the Old Fashioned

Technology keeps updating at a dizzying pace. Personal computers were just starting to be introduced when I was little but in the eight years since Roo was born, iPods and all their Apple-y brethren have completely reshaped not only the computer industry but also music and telecommunications. We live in an increasingly smart and interconnected world, although sometimes it's easy to feel disconnected from other people when mass media is encroaching on all fronts.

On occasion, it's nice to step away from all the progress. Do something simple and time-consuming with your family. Unplug and focus on what's right in front of you instead of what's all around you.

This weekend, we co-hosted a Halloween party at our neighbors' house. We invited kids from school and the neighborhood. They bobbed for apples and sat around a campfire and jumped in a rented bouncy house. (I can't claim any credit for that; the neighbors procured it- it was the biggest one I ever saw!) To prepare, we gathered up all of our Halloween accoutrements and carted them down the street. Bob painted some panels to make bean bag toss games and sewed a zillion bean bags.

I baked several dozen cupcakes, using homemade pumpkin butter instead of oil and eggs. I made cream cheese frosting from scratch. We dipped marshmallow pops in tinted white chocolate and the kids decorated them.

I'm not usually the sort of mom who goes overboard on holiday decorating. I didn't grow up with that stuff and the cynic in me still thinks it's a little silly. But how awesome is it to celebrate the everyday stuff? Roo and Jasper had so much fun putting sprinkles and icing on the treats. They don't look quite as adorable as something on Pinterest but they're still pretty cute. 

I'm going to have to drop perfection and futuristic for some homespun fun this season. Get back to basics a little bit. Live a Little by living in the moment instead of trying to stay ahead.

How do you embrace the old fashioned?

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  1. Look at those fun memories you helped create that day. I love it all!

  2. All I can say: wow!!! And those painted panels are amazing!! The thing is... THIS is the stuff our children will remember.

  3. You know, it takes me a day (at most) from being away from the computer to realize I really don't like being online, or my blog, or the computer in general. I like being away, no worries about posting on time, giving equal time to my friends...But it calls to me and I answer. Darn computer.
    As for the party... FUN!! You did a great job, and I'm sure Roo and Jasper wont soon forget the fun they had helping to create it. Bob did a great job on the bean bag toss panels too!

  4. Oh, why can't I be your neighbor.

    Bob did an awesome job with the panels! And you did great with those cupcakes missy. We totally missed Halloween this year with the hospital and storms, but it's nice to live vicariously through my blog friends.


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