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Monday, October 01, 2012

Live A Little - Refresh for Fall

Fall is my favorite season. I grew up in Hawaii, where there is no overt change of seasons, so the crispening of the air and the leaves starting to Fall has always seemed very romantic to me. Not to mention that it's back to school and Fall fashion in all the magazines and the onslaught of the holiday season. And Halloween. Oh, how I love Halloween!

Our next door neighbor started selling Scentsy and I bought this Whoot Owl Warmer as a harbinger of Fall. 
Isn't it the cutest? I've got a mix of Pink PeppercornRio Beach and Weathered Leather bars melting.

Our neighborhood is full of big lots, most are 3 acres or so. It's great for keeping your distance and having kind of a country feeling smack dab in the middle of the city, but it kind of sucks for one thing: trick or treating. Since the driveways are so long and the distances between houses so vast, we don't get a lot of trick or treaters. We usually rectify this by going to a friend's house in a easily walkable neighborhood but it's so well-trafficked due to huge and ornate yard displays that there are huge lines and a strict one piece of candy per kid limit. We like seeing how everyone outdoes themselves year to year but the crowds are a pain. I miss the trick or treating of my youth, when there were block parties and cakewalks and costume contests.

This year, we're trying to give our kids a taste of that. We're co-hosting a Halloween party with our neighbors down the block whose older daughter is smack dab between Roo and Jasper at school. We'll have games, treats, a costume contest… maybe even a cakewalk if kids can be coerced into such a thing these days. An easy way to Live a Little. I'm really looking forward to refreshing our Fall traditions, starting with Halloween. 

How do you freshen up for Fall?

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