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Monday, November 12, 2012

Live A Little - Take A Picture; It'll Last Longer

One of the funny things about blogging is that sometimes it stops you from living life, even as you're trying to document how you're living life. My husband rolls his eyes whenever I pause to take a picture of my meal before we start eating and the kids alternate between wanting me to blog about their every move and running away from the camera.

My obaasan takes a zillion pictures at family gatherings. It's a bit of a joke among our relatives since it seems to take forever to get everyone in the same place and all smiling while she frets over taking the shot. And someone's head inevitably gets cut out. But you know what? It's really, really cool to look at those pictures later on. Roo found an an album she made for me with lots of pictures from my childhood and high school graduation and was totally fascinated because I looked so much like her. Quite possibly with the same disdainful eye-rolling!

I have a nice DSLR but I take more pictures with my phone. The quality is not as good but I love being able to whip it out on a whim. Of course, digital photography occasionally gives digital snafus, as evidenced by the weird color variations in the pictures below.

We're not a family portrait kind of family. Never have been. Our stories are silly and snapshotty and I love it that way.

How do you Live A Little on camera?

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  1. You're doing it right then if you're capturing your family in the same style you live!

  2. I love the term, snapshotty ;-) I nearly always prefer candid!

  3. As you know, I love taking photos, but sometimes it does prevent me from enjoying the moment. It takes a lot of concentration (ie. distraction from the moment at hand) to compose and light balance a photo. I need to be more ok with the quick snapshots that look like my childhood photos (sorry mom and dad, you sucked at photography).

  4. I take a lot of photos too, and think it's important for history reasons (plus I love to look back at them). My mom has been going through old family photos and seeing some of my ancestors is really really neat!
    Usually I take photos with my DSLR, but now that I have an iphone I'm sure I'll be using it more often. It's definitely far less conspicuous than my DSLR! LOL!

  5. We are the same way!! No snappshotty, but real life :) Love it that way.


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