superdumb supervillain: Love Story: Prabal Gurung for Target (sneak peek!)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Love Story: Prabal Gurung for Target (sneak peek!)

Target's latest high fashion collaboration debuts right in time for Valentine's Day– Love Story: Prabal Gurung for Target will hit stores on February 10th.

I'm all for bargain hunting the trends as long as there's still some semblance of quality. The Target collabs have been spotty for me. I loved the Missoni line, overall, was disappointed with Liberty, was totally shocked at the price points on the Neiman Marcus. I mean, yeah, that cocktail dress was lovely but if I have $100 to spend at Target, I'm probably going to stretch it further than on just a single one-occasion item. Then again, I'm cheap! 

What do you think about designers making couture more accessible to the masses? 

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