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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bloggers- Have You Met the Fairy Hobmother?

The Fairy Hobmother stopped by to see my pal Kathleen last year and decided to pay me a visit, which was a very nice surprise. He wanders the blogosphere, spreading good cheer and generous gifts to lucky bloggers all over the world. 

Having never met a Fairy Hobmother before, I was curious what his name meant. His moniker, he told me, comes from the fact that his fairy overlords are over at and they sell kitchen things, like hobs. 

The Fairy Hobmother's explanation didn't help me much since I'm American and have no idea what a "hob" is. I smiled and nodded so I wouldn't look so hopelessly provincial and as soon as he left, I looked hob up on Wikipedia. I found two plausible definitions: 
  •  A hob is a type of small mythological household spirit found in the north and midlands of England
  • (UK) The top cooking surface on a cooker. It typically comprises several cooking elements (often four), also known as 'rings'.

Brilliant! I love learning new etymological facts, don't you? Okay, maybe it's only me. 

I was so pleased to make the acquaintance of the Fairy Hobmother and to have discovered this little Anglophilic factoid. I'm wondering if the Hobbits were related to the hobmothers, being a lover of second breakfasts and The Lord of the Rings and all. Hmm

Anyway, if you're a blogger and you'd like for the Fairy Hobmother to come and pay you a visit, leave a comment below and make sure to link to your blog so he can find you. He might surprise you and he brings fabulous gifts! You can also find him on Twitter: @fairyhobmother.

In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I received a gift card from the Fairy HobmotherAll opinions are, as usual, entirely my own.


  1. I've been wanting him to come visit me for quite some time now. :) I've been following him across other blogs as well.

    Congrats on being blessed by his visit.

  2. Awesome Nai!!' So happy he made a visit to your site!! You're the greatest!

  3. It's an interesting concept. I'd hear of gas hobs before from old cookbooks, but I didn't relate it to the "hobmother." I'm at

  4. I would love to have a fairy hob mother. Does s/he make breakfast?

  5. Er. that was me

  6. I believe in fairies and would love a visit :) I even have several fairy homes on my property you could stay in. .

  7. Wow, my little one would be SO amazed if we had a fairy come visit. It would make my day. Maybe the fairy would even win one of the many contests I have up on the blog too. Congrats on your own fairy visit too!!


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