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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm A Shaklee 180 Blogger!

I didn't mean to hold out on you for so long but what with Roo's birthday and starting a part-time job, things have been a little hectic over the past few weeks. I am happy to announce that I am a Shaklee 180 Blogger

If you're not familiar with the Shaklee Corporation, it is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US and has been leading the way in natural cleaning products and supplements since 1956- well before the current trendiness of green living. The Shaklee 180 Turnaround is a weight loss and management program that seeks lasting change and I am very excited to be starting my journey.

The core of the program is substituting two meals per day with Energizing Smoothees and Meal-in-a-bar, clinically-tested products which aid in burning fat instead of muscle. You also take a Metabolic Boost tablet with each meal and can snack on a variety of veggies or protein-packed Snack Bars. I was worried that the Smoothees would not satiate hunger, having tried shake-based diets in the past, but I am really impressed with these. Blended with ice and an avocado or banana, they are not only delicious but filling, too! And check out the nutrition stats:

My favorite so far is mixing the chocolate Smoothee with coconut milk and a tablespoon of almond butter. I add a shake of flaxseeds, too. Better than a Frosty, y'all, and WAY better for you.

The Shaklee 180 app lets you track your calorie intake and activity, so it really makes you think about what you're eating and why. This concrete measure is really going to be a game-changer for me, I think. I haven't decided if I'm going to share my "before" pictures with you. Hopefully I will have some impressive changes to show you before too long and then I won't feel as icky about it. I literally cannot wait to get to what Shaklee refers to the After-After stage!

I'll tell you more about the program as I learn more about it myself- I am going to be blogging and vlogging about it a couple of times monthly during my six-month journey. For now, this video is a great introduction to the program:

Shaklee 180: Take your shape in a whole new direction

For more information, join Shaklee on their social platforms:

In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I am a #ShakleeBlogger and will receive product samples, online support and incentives for my participation in this campaignAll opinions are, as usual, entirely my own. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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  1. Thanks for sharing more about Shaklee in this post! Glad to have you as part of the program!


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