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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Breaking Bad Collector's Edition Full Series DVD set

Do you ever find yourself over a barrel? Yeah, so did Walter White. 

Chances are, you're a Breaking Bad fan. And you're looking for something to give you solace now that the final season is winding to a close. Lucky for you, the perfect holiday stocking stuffer will hit the streets on November 26th:

Breaking Bad Collector’s Edition Full Series Set includes:
- Collectible replica money barrel
- Over 55 hours of special features from all seasons
- All new two-hour documentary
- 16 page booklet with letter from Vince Gilligan
- Commemorative challenge coin designed by Vince Gilligan
- Exclusive Los Pollos Hermanos apron

Blu-ray discs of the entire series are nestled discretely inside a replica black barrel like the ones Walt uses to hide his money. Also hidden within are more than two hours of never-before-seen footage from an all-new documentary chronicling the making of the final season, from filming the first table read to the very last day on set and everything in between, including Bryan Cranston inviting the camera in to his Albuquerque living room for the first reading of the final script with Aaron Paul.

I'm particularly smitten with the Los Pollos Hermanos apron, sure to liven up your cookouts. Heh.

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