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Saturday, January 04, 2014

OnePiece - Loungewear, Simplified

Have you heard of OnePiece?  It's the ORIGINAL adult onesie, kind of a fashionable cross between a snuggie/slanket and a flightsuit. Invented by three Norwegian guys who wanted a better outfit for chilling out in, OnePiece started out as a simple combination of slacker hoodie and sweatpants but blossomed into a streetwear phenomenon with oodles of prints and colors to choose from. They even have licensed gear from kid faves like One Direction and Angry Birds as well as a super snuggly Snow Patrol OnePiece.

I ordered my first OnePiece and it was waiting for me when I got home from California which was especially welcome since I was going from 80ºF SoCal sunshine to 14ºF Kansas slushland. I was impressed by the quick delivery: all the way from the Netherlands to the American heartland in 3 business days, smack dab in the middle of the holiday rush. 

I love the classic Lusekofte (not to be confused with Lutefisk, which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish) styles that mimic traditional Norwegian sweater patterns but opted for the more subdued Rigid Onesie in washed camo. It reminded me of the flightsuit I wore to my first concert in the '80s– Rick Springfield, no lie.

Roo demanded to try it on first. She was so excited, she stripped down in the middle of the kitchen to put it on!

OnePiece lets you completely zip up your hood, for some mobile sensory deprivation…

The true genius of OnePiece is the one-size-fits-all comfort. It "fits" Roo and would probably fit her 6'2" dad although he declined my offer to give it a try. It's roomy on me, too!

Okay, it's not necessarily the most flattering clothing style for my short, round shape but it is incredibly comfortable. And it has plenty of pockets for phones, remotes, etc. 

My husband is a particular fan of the double zippers, which give OnePiece kind of a Russ Meyer charm:

My one design suggestion would be that they make the zipper go all the way around your nethers, so you don't have to completely disrobe to pee. 

OnePiece is available for Men, Women, Kids and small dogs. My dogs were pretty bummed, it's true… Rocky and Stella would both look great in a doggie OnePiece! 

OnePiece Dog Style Onesie Camo Green

If you're still not super enthusiastic about the whole one-piece aspect of OnePiece, you'll be happy to know that they stock a range of slouchy casual separates that are just as chill as their namesake style. The Slacker Hood (ack! Hoodie dress, what could be more perfect?) and Kajsa tights pictured below are two pieces I am dying to try.

OnePiece Slacker Hood Black

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