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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RugRat Tents: Because Camping With Kids Should Be Fun

Mike Cecot-Scherer has been designing tents for outdoor enthusiasts for almost thirty years. He thought he knew all of the industry's myriad challenges– weatherproofing, optimizing weight, durability, etc. Then he took his toddler hiking and realized that most tents just aren't made for kids.

If you've ever been camping with kiddos, you know precisely what the big issues are. Space: there's never enough. Complexity: kids underfoot makes it hard to assemble anything. Fun: most tents are suitable for sleeping but not hanging out inside.

Mike decided to design a tent that could overcome these issues, and then some. What he came up with was the RugRats tents, in 3 person and 4 person models that actually accommodate the whole family. The prototypes look awesome, as you can see. These tents would be great for folks without kids, too, obviously but they are especially great for families.

Right now, Mike is in the fundraising stage of unleashing the RugRats upon the world. The RugRats Kickstarter campaign launched today and needs your help. They need 300 orders to put RugRats into production, so spread the word among your friends who like camping. (Or who might start to like camping again with better tent options.)

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